Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Newest Obsession: The Biggest Loser

So if you know me, you know I can become obsessive about tv shows, books, movies... basically anything pop culture. I know I am a little late coming to the party, but I LOVE the Biggest Loser. Over the long "winter" months I have caught up on the current season, watched last season, then the season before that, and the season before that. All thanks to Hulu Plus. It's just so inspirational, and of course I love Bob and Jillian and now Dolvett. I mean if you're going to be watching tv, you might as well watch something that gives you tips and inspiration on working out and eating well. I love seeing people struggle with some of the same issues that I do, even if I am not at the point that they are.

I also know that often their weight loss isn't realistic, because I definitely don't have time to work out for 8 hours a day. I wish I did. Their diet is also highly controlled. It's good to know that discipline and self-control can be learned. If you look at the contestants when they first start, it's hard to envision that they will all gain control of their health and often become athletes. I know there's a strong person inside of me just waiting to come out.

Any shows that you've become obsessed with lately?

Be well,


  1. I used to be OBSESSED with Biggest Loser! I do think it's great in showing that healthy eating and exercise are really all you need to lose weight. With that said, sometimes I think they push contestants too far. If you need a medic to step in (as in tonight's episode) then you are going too far. I know it makes for good television, but I just feel like one of those times they're going to have something bad happen.

  2. I know I totally agree. I'm surprised that something hasn't actually happened yet.