Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pretty Great Little Saturday

Chocolate cupcakes

Yep, I started out the day with a delicious chocolate cupcake. I had gotten it at Lund's last night and planned on eating it then to start today out fresh, but then I was too full after dinner. So I thought hey, why not just eat it first thing today? I can if I want to. It looked more delicious than these cupcakes, but I forgot to take a picture. Oh well.

So after a relaxing morning, the boyfriend and I went to the gym. This was his first time back in awhile, and my first time at this particular Snap Fitness. It was nothing exciting, walked on the treadmill at an incline for a half hour, which was enough for me at the time. I always get REALLY red in the face when working out, and sure enough this time was no different. It felt good at least.

I spent the afternoon getting ready to go grocery shopping, which means figuring out coupons of course. It's like I want to stock up on all this healthy food but then I need to think about how much I will actually be home this week... which isn't that much. Working at a restaurant does have its perks, like the shift meal. So then I just have to think about what I will feel like eating before work, or after work depending on the day.

I decided to go to the store in the early evening to avoid the crazy Saturday shoppers... but of course there was still tons of people there thanks to the Super Bowl. I ended up getting some random healthy stuff for the week (bananas, peppers, yogurt, bread, oatmeal, whole wheat waffles), and lean ground beef for bolognese that I will make Monday night and eat the next couple of days.

The boyfriend's parents are coming over for the game tomorrow so I'm making my famous guacamole, plus I will be getting some meat and cheese from work. His mom is making sloppy joes and bringing them over, yes! So I just have to work before that then come home and make cookies and guacamole.

Overall I ate mostly well today, but I did have a couple of cream cheese puffs from Lee Ann Chin. They were totally worth it. Those plus who knows how many calories in the cupcake (my lovely food diary app says about 420 calories, ah!) pushed me over the edge of my "1600 calorie plan." Tomorrow's a new day, and as long as I eat a healthy and balanced breakfast and lunch I should be good for Super Bowl party time.

So far I've walked 7174 steps today, and by the time I go to sleep it will probably be 7500. The average steps per day for women are 5210 so I beat that at least! I work at 10 am tomorrow so I plan on getting up and doing some yoga before showering and heading to work.

Until tomorrow,

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