Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goodbye Dear Friend

I said goodbye to a dear friend three days ago... Diet Coke. We've hung out every day, usually multiple times a day for years. It's been there for me through thick and thin, but it's time to say goodbye. Maybe someday I will be able to hang out with you only occasionally, but right now I can't see you anymore. I've become too worried about aspartame and artificial sweeteners in general, and you really do make me crave sweet and salty junk food. I also worry about my teeth and I need to save them.

I couldn't give up caffeine all together, otherwise I would get horrible headaches. I've been having a cup of coffee a day, but today I've only had black and green tea and water! I feel great so far, it's just been hard at the restaurant where I work (we have THE best Diet Coke on fountain!). Whenever I'm tempted, like when I'm getting one for a customer, I just think about how there is nothing natural or nutritious in it and I'm not doing my body any favors.

This is just the first step for me and my quest to become a healthier and happier me. I originally wanted to start a blog again to get myself to write every day. I also realized that I need a place to document my quest to get healthy. I love food and cooking and restaurants so much, but after getting to the heaviest I've ever been, I realized I needed to change. I can still love food but do it in a healthier way- by watching my portions and making sure I get the right number of servings each day. I need to eat organic and cruelty-free as much as possible. I need to work out more than I do, and just be active in general. I need to be kind to my body. So join me on my quest to become a healthy foodie for once and for all!